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Wednesday, March 23

Hello guys , short post . Since no one is reading.
Was busy for one whole week. Tired because of SYF training . It will be over soon , 2 more weeks , after that . I will be having MIA xD

New beginning , dont know anyone will realised this or not . But hope you will realised this too

Tuesday, March 22

Church Days, They are the best ! :D

Hello, Nobody reads my blog. D:
Pathetic. I dont know why do I wrote this post for. Is so early in the morning. I didnt do my coursework because I came back late from school. As I need to do the plane yesterday/ Idiot -.-
But still thanks to the thresome :D = ANDREW , SHAWN & DOMINC. , they help me cut & paste and even teach me . It took me a long time to do if I do not have them with me that time. xD
Andrew seems different when he is focusing on one point. Not bad, But I just cant get used to it, he is so fierce suddenly . But I reaslied that I am more suitable to sit at the front ALONE. I can learn better. Haiis , things did not get better , but I kinda get better :)

I miss my weekend. I miss the first day in Suntec Singapore.
There , is where I cry the most . I cried so much at just the first day. I love Jesus :)
I choose love. No matter what , I will choose Jesus, my father , provider & deliever. :D I love him .
After fellowshipping, love talking with the cellgroup members :) , they were kinda funny , and I can be myself easily :D